'Down by the Riverside' - an unique river excursion like no other!

The Zuari river is one of the seven major rivers of Goa. It is in fact, the lifeline of the mining and shipping industry.

Meandering through sleepy villages, with thick mangroves teeming with birdlife on both sides, the river slowly and majestically flows down to the Arabian Sea.

Goa Kayaking's excursion for 2 in a Walker Bay 10 tubed dinghy with bimini(canopy), takes you to some of those places never visited and inaccessible to other craft.


Or, use our bigger boat which can accomodate upto 12 guests comfortably

Watch carefully as your expert boatman casts the 'maag' - a local fishing gill net, in use for centuries.

Casting/setting 15-20 'coble' crab nets/traps and expertly casting and throwing the 'pagel' - an 8' ring net and pulling it in, this trip has it all!

River angling at favoured secret spots, with all tackle, gear, bait provided and all safety equipment;



Catch river fish species like, Mullet, Lady fish, Darker Pearl Spot, Perch, Flatfish, Butterfish, crabs, small prawns, etc.

Explanation and identification of the different types/species of fish caught.

Crabs and fish guaranteed!

Cruise slowly upriver along the mangroves, check out the bird and marine life - a photographer's and bird lovers paradise from a stable platform - you could even set up your tripod in the boat!

A trip which includes a little bit of everything of daily life by the riverside - see boat building activity on the

riverbanks, locals fishing or extracting sand from the river bed,



iron ore barges traversing up and down the river, we may even stop by the river banks for a cup of chai at the local tea stall!

Every trip is of 3-3.5 hrs. duration and we tend to cover a distance of 10-15 km/trip.

Includes optional lunch in a riverside seafood restaurant - we could even perhaps persuade the owners to serve the morning's catch of crabs and fish!


Starts daily 8.30/9.30 am.mornings in the Zuari river, at the Cortalim/Agassim jetty and from San Jacinto Island depending on the tide.

Snack pack, fruit sack of fresh fruit, 1 tetrapack of fruit juice, 1 bottled drinking water for each guest;

Not more than 2 persons/trip - small boat

Upto 12 persons/trip - big boat

1 trip/day/boat

(3 boats available)

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Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Less than 30 days before start - no refunds

More than 30 days before start -50% of fees refunded

Pre Booking payment for a trip may be done as below.


2 persons small boat INR 6600.00;

group of 3 persons big boat INR 5490.00;

group of 4 persons big boat INR 6150.00;

Additional extra per person in big boat INR 1610.00;

Payment in Indian Rupees can be done, by directly crediting our account as below and sending the booking details with date and numbers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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