Sky above, Water below,

Total Meditation, Let your spirits Soar!

Serenity Unbound!

That in a nutshell, sums it all!

Goa Kayaking’s Daily Expeditions into the rivers, backwaters, mangroves and along the coast, is simply the best way to see, enjoy and explore Goa.

Morning starts, wonderful solitude, serenity and flat calm waters – the stuff dreams are made of?

Enjoy the sunrise on the river, (picture above clicked from my kayak) as you silently paddle with the waking calls of the birds – not a sound to interrupt your thoughts, as your mind expands and eyes widen in awe, taking in the vistas that continually open in front of you.

As we silently glide thro' the mangroves on an incoming tide, the scene changes as the first rays of the sun light up the water with bird life at handshaking distance!

The picture above, was clicked from my kayak as I  passed silently, 2-3 m. away.

This Brahminy Kite from one of our trips on the Zuari, simply refused to be alarmed, enabling me to get this beautiful picture.

Expect to see and experience, scenes like the one above, on most trips.

Our excursions routes are carefully chosen to take you to places thro’ the mangroves, which abound in bird life and not normally accessible to any other craft.

The kayak above, is just returning thro’ a narrow opening leading to the nesting grounds on the Mandovi river.

As we approach the halfway stage, our kayakers take a welcome break from paddling to enjoy their snacks, fruit and water, while they wait for one of their friends’ (below)

in the mangroves, to catch up! (in the pic’ above, we are actually in just 8 inches of water – a place inaccessible to other craft and a route, absolutely our own!)

With the sun now up and shining, we exit the mangroves as we make our way upriver, visiting and passing, numerous fishing villages, like the one below, on our way.

Time for some memories to take back home as guests happily pose for the camera!

Some of the stunning sights, which you will be led to see like the one below, can only be seen from the waterline.

A man made freedom of spirit!

Call it what you may – it just doesn’t cease to amaze!

As we come close to the end, unbelievable sights open up in front of you.

The main feature of our trips, is the ease with which they can be handled and finished by guests of all ages – we’ve had guests as old as 72! All trips are planned with either an incoming or out going tide, making them an effortless, cool and simply the best way to explore Goa.

All the pictures that you see above, are actual scenes from our many excursions AND clicked from a kayak!

Nearing the end of the trip, its time for a  last few photographs before we bid goodbye.

At the Panaji bridgehead, (above) - end of an expedition.

End of a trip in the Sal Backwaters

Church on San Jacinto Island (above), Zuari river, South Goa.

Goa Kayaking offers daily kayaking trips in all rivers, tributaries and backwaters, along the mouth and the hinterland, at different places all over Goa, depending on the tide.

The expeditions usually take off in the mornings between 7.0 -10.0 am. depending on the tide. 

Guests/members paddle their own kayaks at a relaxed pace, enjoying a different perspective from the water, thro’ the mangroves, stopping at the numerous fishing villages, beaches, inlets, coves, etc. for freshening up, exploring, and swimming.

These expeditions are normally of 2.0-3.5 hrs. duration and usually end between 11.30 am.-1.30 pm. when we bid goodbye.

We tend to cover a minimum of 5-6 km. on an upriver float with the tide while the down river paddles on a receding tide, are usually faster and longer, but not very conducive to visiting the mangroves, as water would have receded from the mud banks/flats.

Where we start/end
All guests find their own way to an announced starting point (put in) and our friendly personnel, will guide their cab/pickup coach to the end (pull out) point.

What you will get
Every guest in an expedition will receive
1. Pack containing snacks (optional)
2. Bag of fresh fruit (optional)
3. Bottle/tetrapack of soft drink/fruit juice
4. Bottle of mineral water

It is the opinion of numerous guests who have enjoyed our daily paddles, that the snacks, fruit and coolers on the trip is more than a lunch offered by others!

Goa Kayaking provides all the equipment needed like top of the line single and tandem sit on top kayaks, paddles and life jackets.

It is our experience, that these open SOTs’ (sit on top) are best suited for our tropical, humid climate.(sit in kayaks are very uncomfortable due to the closed area which tends to gets hot and humid).

These modern kayaks, are extremely stable and have a very high buoyancy of 110/150 kg. (solo) and 220/240 kg. (tandems) respectively.

We believe that it is next to impossible for any one to topple and fall out from our kayaks. We also make it a point before embarking and insist that every guest wears a life jacket(PFD) to make our expedition a safe and enjoyable outing.

What to wear/bring along
All guests/members are requested to wear board shorts/rash vests or alternatively any pair of shorts and light shirt /tshirt preferably long sleeves will do.
Wear any footwear which you do not mind getting wet, carry a change of clothing, towels and a bottle of mineral water.

A cap/floppy hat covering the neck, sunglasses and sun block cream, (SPF 35 and above) will help keep you cool and make the time spent on the water, a memorable one!

A camera is a must to capture those magical moments but please use carefully and safely and be responsible for the same.

Sit on top kayaks (Single & Tandem)
Trip leader and guide
Accompanying vehicle.
Life Jackets- 50/70/90 kg. rating
Snacks, fruits, coolers & bottled drinking water while kayaking

Insurance –members/guests, please take your own insurance/limited PLI
Expenses of a personal nature

Kayak Type: Sit on top (solo & tandem)
Hull Material: Plastic(PE)
Length: 2.90/3.05 m & 3.9/3.96 m 
Width: 78 cm./84 cm.
Weight: 20 kg.(solo) and 31 kg.(tandem)
Buoyancy: 150 kg. and 240 kg.
Hatch Type: Hard plastic, neoprene
Skeg: No
Rudder: No
Paddler Skill: Beginner to advanced.


For any queries or further details, please mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call +91 9422056037

Please understand we are unable to confirm any booking, until the payment reflects in our account.

Mail us your booking deposit token number, to enable us to quickly check, acknowledge receipt and confirm your trip.

Pre Booking payment for a trip may be done as below.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Less than 30 days before start - no refunds

More than 30 days before start -50% of fees refunded

Available Trips

Goa Kayaking Sal River Backwaters,(South Goa) - our most popular trip! (easy paced)

4.0 km. 2.0-2.2 hrs. (Daily Trip starting at 8.30/9.30 am)


Single person       : Rs.3050.00

Couple                : Rs.4800.00

3 persons           : Rs.6600.00

Payments in Indian Rupees can be done by directly crediting our account as below:

Name of Bankers  : Indian Bank

Branch                : Vasco da Gama

Name                  : Goa Kayaking

Current a/c no.    : 829702689

IFS Code             : IDIB000V085

MMID                  : 9019689

Linked Mobile       : 9422056037

For International Payments, click below:

Number of persons


2. Goa Kayaking Nerul River Paddle (North Goa) - Sinquerim Jetty to Nerul Village:  (easy paced)

5.5 km. 2.0-2.5 hrs.  (dependant on the tide - mail us your dates before booking)


Single person    Rs. 4200.00

Couple             Rs. 6200.00

3 persons         Rs.7200.00

4 persons         Rs.8800.00

8 persons         Rs.16000.00

Payments in Indian Rupees can be done by directly crediting our account as below:

Name of Bankers  : Indian Bank

Branch                : Vasco da Gama

Name                  : Goa Kayaking

Current a/c no.    : 829702689

IFS Code             : IDIB000V085

MMID                  : 9019689

Linked Mobile       : 9422056037

For International Payments, click below:

Number of persons


3. Goa Kayaking - Zuari River Dash (South Goa) : San Jacinto Island to Cortalim bridgehead; (easy paced)
5.70 km. 2.0-2.5 hrs. (depending on the tide - mail us to check availability for your range of dates)

Single person         - Rs.3700.00

2 persons/couple    - Rs.4500.00

4 persons              - Rs.8000.00


4. Whole day trip in the Zuari, with stops for rest, exploration, snacks and a slow lunch -(kayaking dist. 24-27 km. approx.)

Dependent on the tide (mail us to check availability for your range of dates)

-Rs.6000/person min.2 pax.

Includes snacks, coolers, bottled water, fruit. (ex.lunch)